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Live visuals creation and projection system developed by area3. It is an investigation project about the interpretation of sound by means of image in movement in real time, a way of digital fussion of visual arts and music.

The result are the MOVET movies, artistic and design visual equalizers that become alive reacting to the sound instantly.
Inside a MOVET, every element has a dramatic internal intelligence, a programmed script that defines mathematically its response to the waves. In order to manage and to project the MOVETs in live events, we developed the a3console, an instrument that allows to mix and manipulate them.
To experiment with MOVETs the simultaneity between audio and video is a new form of contemplation.
   Online MOVET selection
Every MOVET has been developed specifically for an event, an exhibition or a music album, so in some cases we recommend you to play a song, even though the most funny thing is to see how they react to different types of
music and to the voice. To watch a video preview of a MOVET, click on its image.
To view the MOVETs it is necessary a sound source in your computer; you can play music in a music player or connecting a microphone. In order that they work correctly, please read the technical specifications detailed later.
area3+Lens concert at Apolo, Barcelona, September 2004.
It´s a moebius tape divided in colored sections that enlighten according to the sound.
Mapapoètic action at SONAR 2004.
The movie draws integrated circuits like shapes that are autogenerated alive with the music. It is inspired in Oliverio Girondo's poem (Se miran, se presienten, se desean).
CONTROLS: space bar = sequence change, A = reset
Festival Pronóstica, Museum of Contemporary Art of Ibiza, 2003. area3 did a concert and a MOVETs's exhibition.
The work presents a series of concentric rings composed by small hand-made animations. Every ring turns and increases its size according to the volume of the tone to which it reacts.
 a3noche (Music and space)
area3+Lens Concert at OFFF02, Barcelona, 2002.
3D navigable space. Reacting to the sound, its elements enlighten and its color changes. To move across, first place the mouse in the center of the movie; from there you can move to the sides, forward and backward.
area3+Lens concert at OFFF festival, Barcelona, 2002.
Lego pieces that fly as if they were dragged by a wind generated by the music.
area3+Lens concert at Diesel party “Sexy hot night in Amsterdam”, at Cibeles, Barcelona, 2002.
It is a tour through 4 stages with topics from Amsterdam and the Diesel´s brand.
area3+Lens concert at Diesel party “Sexy hot night in Amsterdam”, at Cibeles, Barcelona, 2002.
The piece shows facades and typical bridges of Amsterdam that dance with the music.
Made to illustrate the Lens's album Moebius' song Windowdream, 2002.
It´s a mysterious tour through a house. Across the windows, it is possible to contemplate a windy storm that blows up an umbrella, some armchairs, balls and teddy bears.
area3+Lens concert at OFFF02 festival, Barcelona, 2002.
The work is a flight over a platform where the musimolinos are moving their arms with the music. The camera changes its motion angle and speed according to the sound.
Made for the album Lens Moebius, 2002.
The MOVET recreates a race of strange figures constructed with Lego pieces. Each runner reacts to a different tone of sound.
area3+Lens concert at FIB01 festival, Benicàssim, 2001.
Colourist MOVET that presents the past Pope Juan Pablo II running and throwing beams between pixelated architectonic layers taken from the Jet Set Willy computer game for MSX platform (Matthew Smith, Software Projects, 1984). computer game for the MSX platform (Matthew Smith, Software Projects, 1984).
Barcelona, 2001.
A tiny Pope dancing and running in a baroque scene, composed by several translucent architectonic layers taken from the Jet Set Willy computer game for MSX platform (Matthew Smith, Software Projects, 1984).
 NY concepts
Collective exhibition '09-11' organized by digital artists belonging to the offline group, New York, 2001.
It is a dark work that shows universal, religious, and economic icons, in order to reflect a situation of confusion.
 Ascii Moire
area3+Lens concert at FIB01 festival, Benicàssim, 2001.
The piece reacts to one tone and translates its volume (numerical value) into the corresponding character ASCII of the computer.
 Cristal, 2001
area3+Lens concert at FIB01 festival, Benicàssim, 2001.
It is a crystal construction composed by concentric edges shapes that turn, grow and change the color according to the music.
   Technical requirements for Windows and Macintosh (there's no Director Shockwave plugin for Linux):
download xtra download plug-in
If you open a MOVET and it doesn't react properly to the music,
check the following points:
· You need the Macromedia's Shockwave Player to see interactive contents generated with Macromedia Director. If you don't have it click here.
· It is necessary to install the asFFT Xtra for the sound detection. When you access a movie, and you don't have it yet, it will ask you to install it.click here (WIN), or here (MAC) .
· You need a record-capable sound card (most of them are).
· Set the record volume on the audio control (Windows: Start - Programs - Accesories - Enterteinment - Sound Level).
Select the source (“wave” for mp3, “line input” if the sound comes from another equipment, “micro” if you're connecting a microphone to your computer) and unselect the other choices to avoid sound interferences.
· For a correct performance, the volume should be set between 80% - 95%.
the sound analysis Xtra creator for Director
Xtra assft
cultural shaker and technical director at Hangar

Xtra for transposing data from asFFT versions 1.x hecho por area3
Igor y otros Xtras
Manuel Ruiz Lens, music and DJ

Sistema, 100cia,
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